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A few weeks ago, The Heavy Table had a post looking for new blogs they could feature on their site.  Immediately I sent the link to Tracy to encourage her to submit HER blog.  She did so at the right time because she was the 50th person to do so, meaning she won tickets to The Affair for that weekend.  Because I am lucky, nice, or Tracy just couldn’t find someone to go with, she invited ME!  And I went, even though I agree with some of the points Kitchen Bitch made about their advertising sensibilities (I’m more against infidelity but it made me question whether the promoters hired a group of teenagers or an advertising firm?  The obvious imagery is an insult that even Pete Campbell wouldn’t hurl at us).

I’m not going to write-up on the event, but rather just tell you the Who’s Who of The Affair.

First, we went to a chai making demonstration hosed by Om restaurateur, and author of 660 Curries as well as Betty Crocker’s Indian Home CookingRaghavan Iyer.  I learned a lot about making chai and have considered even giving it a whirl at home someday.  What was most surprising to me was that he authored that Betty Crocker book, the same mysterious book that is on our book shelf in the kitchen which I recently moved elsewhere because I thought, “Betty Crocker don’t know jack about Indian home cooking!  Hmpf!”  When I got home after The Affair, I made mention of the demo to David who also started talking about the book.  More interestingly, Iyer hosted a cooking class/demo at their house (I think?) for his sister, AND he got the book signed.  I then made it a point to page through it and make something from it that week, which I did – more on that later…

BUT on our way to a cheese and chocolate demo (which tasted very “blah.”  I want my cheese to taste like something and that something is not bland Velveeta – Heeeeyoooo!), out of the corner of my eye, I caught a fire engine red dress.  The woman wearing it was short, shorter than me (and I’m short).  ZOMG!  It was Marjorie Johnson – Minnesota’s best known home baker (right?)!  You may remember me writing about her here, here and here.  Then again, you may not remember that, so…you’re welcome.  I haven’t followed her career, but a friend gave me her fabulous book, Blue Ribbon Baking a couple of years ago, and I’ve caught her on Leno a few times.  Her methods are tried and true, she’s short like me and she’s so adorably sweet.  I know she was there to sell and sign book but was kind enough to let me get my picture taken with her on my phone.

(I don’t normally look like a dude)

This couldn’t be topped, so shortly thereafter we left The Affair.

Thanks for The Affair, Heavy Table!


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