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I’m not all about my birthday; I don’t get sorts of crazy excited – and it’s not because I’m worried about getting old since I already act like a 90 year old woman.  I get more excited about catching a Lady GaGa song playing on the radio. However, I do love going out to eat, and super fancy dinners are a fun way to celebrate (my) birthdays.

Last year I had a completely awesome birthday gift of Heidi’s Chef’s Table with Chef Stewart Woodman; a dinner that lasted at least five glorious hours.

This year I was tossing ideas of La Bell Vie, or Sea Change, perhaps the Grand Cafe?  While these restos are inspiring, I felt like I was missing something bigger.  I saw this list (ЗДОРОВАТЬСЯ Moscow on the Hill) for birthday boys and girls and aside from the Craftsman and Moscow, I was uninspired and was going to call out for help as to where to go for my birthday dinner.  But then David told me that it will be a surprise and to block off not only my birthday, but the night before as well!  I love making decisions and delegating tasks, and dictating the social calendar, but surprises are even better.

Rather than a call out for resto recommendations, I instead ask that you all chip on and purchase this for me, where I will not even display it in my house, but tape it to the inside of one of my cupboards and smile each time I open the door – a gentle reminder of what a nerd I am.


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