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Adrianne’s birthday is fast approaching, so I told her that we must hang out and I would make her something chocolaty in honor of her birthday – also in honor of my mixer purchase months ago (It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out).  The only thing on my mind was black forest cherry cake, or for you German language novices: Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte.

Following two varying recipes, I created a horrible-looking masterpiece.

I have not been able to create a layered cake that is not in fact lopsided.  It reminds me of the layered cake that the tall, skinny, green fairy in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty attempts to make for Rose:  the cake is lopsided, the frosting is sliding off, the candles followed suit and also slid off – it’s just a complete wreck.  Then all of the fairies take out their wands an make some nice looking, perfect cake.  Remember?  Doesn’t matter, the fact of the case is that you clearly need black magic to create a perfect looking cake.  But because it’s black magic, it’s probably poisonous.  So take your pick.

I only make two cakes, but learned to use thread (in my case, fishing line, whose origins I cannot recollect) to cut the cakes in half, thus resulting in 4 layers rather than two.  It’s a cool trick, and yields few crumbs from slicing as you would if you used a knife.

The top starred cream bursts is an awesome concoction:  heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and kirschwasser (brandy).  I just put it in a bowl, attached my wire whisk, turned it on for several minutes and drank some wine – it was fantastic.

Even though I made the cakes a day ahead of time, it still took me an hour and a half to assemble and make the frosting, filling, and cherry de-syruping.  But really, it was worth it.

Adrianne and I both had a modest slice, and then I brought the rest into work.  Ugly?  Definitely.  But most definitely delicious.

*And for many reasons, I put the disclaimer that it contained brandy on a sign next to it.  Maybe it made the morning go by quicker for some? Quick or not, I got a slight buzz late this afternoon.  :]


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