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For years, I’ve been using the cheap hand mixer I got from Target.  It was cheap and worked moderately well, except for when I needed to do some really powerful mixing and I could smell the engine burning.  But I wanted something more.  Something bigger, more powerful and all inclusive.  I wanted the KitchenAid mixer that was prevelent in any married couple’s kitchen, where it sits proudly on the counter.  But is that all it does?  Just sit there like a lame duck? 

I decided that I wasn’t going to wait to put this on any sort of gift registry and bought it myself.  No matter what Stuff White People Like say, my KitchenAid mixer gets a lot of attention; it mixes a lot of dough, whips up cookies galore, scones, muffins, biscotti, you name it.  I will own it forever and use it often.  I love my mixer.










here’s some history.


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Open Arms is a non-profit that makes food for people living with HIV/AIDS, ALS, MS or going through cancer treatment and unable to fully care for themselves.  They work to provide nutritious meals for not only the people living with these illnesses but their dependants as well.  They make the foods from scratch from their tiny kitchen in Minneapolis and deliver a week’s worth of food to the client and their family. 

I am truly impressed with the fantastic food that the volunteers and staff of Open Arms is able to create in their small kitchen; apple sauce made from scratch, soups, and even ribs among many other entrees.  The meals are rotated and the client does not eat the same thing twice all week.  The food is created with such care for the diets of OA’s clients and personally I believe it’s restaurant worthy. 

“It’s more than just food – it provides independence for some who may not otherwise be able to live in their own. There’s also a portion of dignity, comfort and care in each meal that gets delivered to our clients.”

Open Arms is truly an amazing organization that holds the respect and privacy of it’s clients.  This could not be done without the dedicated staff and army of volunteers that go to the kitchen to help with food prep, sous chef activities, packaging and delivering.  No restaurant of cooking/baking experience is necessary as the chefs and other people there are more than happy to give you instructions, and you will probably learn something (From another volunteer i learned an awesome way to cut pomegranates!).  Everyone works together well for the benefit of the clients, and it shows.   For more information about volunteering, click here.

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